Meadow Lake Airpointer

Current Conditions

AQI Levels

very poor




No known harmful effects to soil, water, vegetation, animals, visibility or human health. The contributing factor to the Air Quality Index is Ozone.

AQI calculated at Meadow Lake is approximate as the AQI calculation includes Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and Sulphur Dioxide; CO, H2S and SO2 are not measured at Meadow Lake.

The table and charts contain raw data that has not passed through a processed baseline adjustment or validation. The data on this web site are not intended to provide medical or health care advice or should not be used in published documents. Data confirmed to be invalid will be deleted by WYAMZ.

Air Quality 24 hour summary

Nitric Oxide (NO)
0.1 ppb
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
0.5 ppb
Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)
0.6 ppb
Ground Level Ozone (O3)
32.4 ppb
Fine Particulate (PM2.5)
2.0 µg/m3

denotes factor contributing to AQI.


-14.4 °C
1.7 m/s from
272.0° W
67.8 %
Air Pressure
964.8 kPa


The Western Yellowhead Air Management Zone Board of Directors has been formed and is proceeding to implement an air management zone in the west central region of the province. The WYAMZ area will be the second official air management zone in Saskatchewan and is in line with the directive from the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) under the Canada-wide Air Quality Management System (AQMS) that Canada will have regional Airsheds comprised of local (Provincial/Territorial) Air Management Zones.

The approach is designed to collect credible, continuous real-time air quality information through collaborative efforts. Proposed data collection includes continuous monitors located in the Cities of Saskatoon and Lloydminster, with a passive network in the surrounding region.

Air Quality Data

There are currently 6 Air quality instruments reporting live air quality around Saskatoon and Lloydminster. Meadow Lake, Unity, Maidstone, Kindersley, Lloydminster West and Lloydminster East are now available to display live air quality readings on this site. Other air monitoring stations are available from the Saskatchewan Environment's Air Quality Index Page.

For AQHI Information please highlight this link then go to this page: For smoke information please highlight this link and click on it:

The WYAMZ passive station reports on montly air quality are available for download.

What's New

WYAMZ Meetings

The next WYAMZ Board Meeting will be on Friday December 15, 2017 from 10:00 AM to Noon at the Saskatoon Golf and Country Club.

2016 Annual Report

The 2016 Western Yellowhead Air Management Zone Annual Report is now available for download.

Air Quality Tracker Now Available in Saskatchewan

JUNE 7, 2016. SASKATOON, SK.– The Western Yellowhead Air Management Zone (WYAMZ) is pleased to announce that real time air quality ratings are available to the public for free.

With the recent fires in Fort McMurray, and our Federal Government’s promises to reduce green house gas emissions, air quality has hit the radar for many people across Saskatchewan. Whether they are planning a camping trip or wondering if their child can play outside today due to the smoke, people in Saskatchewan need to know the impact air quality can have on their lives, and how to react. Thanks to the technology available through the WYAMZ, they can.
Read More | Download Release

Budget Facility Fee Explanation

The Budget Facility Fee Explanation provides details on how fees are calculated based on emissions.


Please feel free to contact Terry Gibson, Executive Director, with any questions.

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